200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Long Island Yoga School is offering a brand new way to complete your 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification….

We will now be offering this training as a semi-private option ONLY (6 students max per training) for the cost of a full group training.

Why are we doing this? We believe that setting a strong foundation is key to building a career as a yoga teacher. If you build a house on a faulty foundation, the first windstorm will take it down. The same applies to the foundational 200 hour training. You can take all the supplemental trainings you would like to add onto your certifications but to ensure future success in whatever path you may choose, you must set that strong foundation first. Let Long Island Yoga School help you achieve that.

Training Dates

Thursday September 14th – Sunday December 17th

This is a Hybrid Training. -Thursdays are offered in the evening through zoom. All weekend dates are in-person. There is always an online option and all lectures are recorded so you will never miss any material presented.

If you are looking to become the kind of teacher who makes sequencing and theme weaving in a yoga class look easy, look no further…

I know trying to find a teacher training that is the right fit can be a daunting task. 

With all the choices we have now, how can we be sure we are making the right decision?

Many trainings have a laundry list of all the things they will teach you in their program. A 200- hour training is meant to be a foundational program teaching you the basics of what is needed to teach a well-rounded, amazing, safe class. 

When you just scratch the surface of all the many facets of yoga all you are left with is confusion. 

What is needed is to go deep into the areas that will make you a great teacher – One that knows how to connect with your students live and online.

This is what you will learn here!

What you get with me is a time-tested blueprint for all the important skills needed to really stand out from the crowd:

  • Sequencing 
  • Cueing
  • Weaving in the theme 
  • Anticipating the misalignments in your students before they happen

The truth is 200 hours is not a lot of time to learn all the nuances of the practice. If you were to ask many graduates of teacher training programs how they feel about teaching after their training is complete, quite often you will hear them say they do not feel ready to teach, they lack confidence in their abilities.

Why is this?

The Vinyasa Flow style, while fluid and varied, does not offer new teachers a point of reference as to what works and what does not.

Without a format to follow to create your own anatomically & energetically balanced sequences, your only options are to either follow a sequence someone else created or just figure it out as you go. This leads to sequences that are not unique to your vision and style, choppy, lack rhythm and are just overall unsafe for students to follow.

What Makes the Long Island Yoga School Teacher Training the Right Choice?

  • A Sequencing Format that can be used for whatever style of yoga you want to teach taking the guesswork out of creating an anatomically and energetically balanced class while leaving plenty of room for creative sequences that are unique to you and allow your authentic voice to shine. 
  • A cuing format that makes it easy for you to remember them and for your students to hear them. They will understand exactly how to move into properly aligned poses because of your clarity delivering the cues. 
  • A blueprint for effortlessly weaving philosophical themes and your life wisdom throughout a class while maintaining the flow and rhythm of the class. 
  • Be able to anticipate the misalignments of your students not only when they are in front of you in a live class but also on screen in an online live-stream class (even if all you are seeing are a bunch of black boxes – Yes! There is a way to align your students perfectly without even seeing them. Just one of the many awesome things you will learn in this training.)
  • Long Island Yoga School follows the highest industry standards so you can be sure you will be learning all the necessary information needed to be a rock star yoga teacher. We even take it a step further… All of our Training Programs are customized to your goals and learning style so in addition to covering what is needed, you also learn what you want to and how you want to learn it. This is why we have made the decision to offer this training as a semi-private option ONLY – to maintain the integrity and ability to customize this training to your unique goals. WE WILL BE ENROLLING UP TO 5 STUDENTS PER TRAINING!

Highlights of the Long Island Yoga School Certification Program:

  • Easy To Follow Formats for Sequencing, Cueing, Theme Weaving, Teaching Beginners, All Levels and Meditation Classes – You will be teaching like a rock star in no time!
  • Trauma Informed Teaching Techniques & Language: With these techniques your classes, whether online or live, will be a safe environment for ALL students. 
  • Principles Of 6:  The 6 universal principles of All poses are all you need for optimal alignment when teaching your students and in your own practice
  • Injury Management & Prevention: The 6 weakest links – most common places injuries occur in yoga class and life plus how to manage and avoid them.
  • Wired For Success: Throughout the program we will discuss techniques based in  the study of neuroplasticity and rewire the negative beliefs and unconscious patterns to set you up for success!

In addition, we cover Anatomy in relationship with poses, Anatomical & Energetic Sequencing, Pranayama,Yoga Philosophy as it applies to life covering two of the classical yoga texts – The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and The Bhagavad Gita.

The focus will be on The Eight Limbs of Yoga, The Four Paths of Yoga as taught in the Gita, Gunas, Chakras and Nadis. In addition, we cover the concept of the Yin/Yang philosophy and the Koshas (subtle bodies) which is the heart of my teaching philosophy.

We also offer a Mindfulness Meditation 18-hour training if you would like to get certified in mindfulness with a lesser financial and time commitment. CLICK HERE for more information on this option.

It is much easier to allow yourself to shine when not bombarded with having to figure it all out yourself. We offer you time-tested formats of over 10 years that will take all the guesswork out of creating and teaching a class but leave plenty of room for your own teaching voice and style to shine. You will graduate as the teacher YOU are meant to be – Unlike any other teacher out there and ready to create your very own tribe of students who will be ready to hear your message and follow your lead toward health and well-being. What are you waiting for?!?! 

Excellent training! Laurie Ahlemann is a fantastic teacher! She naturally connects with her students, and shares her vast, extensive knowledge of yoga in a relaxed and fun setting. Also, her programs are structured in a way that makes it very manageable for all, no matter how busy you are. I highly recommend this training!”

– Maria V 

The 200-hour teacher training course was life changing. Not only did it help me deepen my own practice, but it also gave me the confidence, knowledge and support that I needed to be a yoga instructor. The program that Laurie has put together is comprehensive, organized and applicable for anyone who wants to be a well-rounded instructor. Take one of her classes and you’ll know exactly what I mean.”

– Olivia C

CONTACT US for more information

Schedule a call with me to discuss your specific goals and let’s get you started on the most transformative journey of your life!

Who is This Program For?

  • Someone who has experienced the transformative magic of this pratice and wants to share it with the world!
  • A mental health facilitator/therapist, teacher, massage therapist or someone who already has a business that you want to incorporate yoga into as an added service (One on One OR Group Option)
  • Someone who wants to be an expert in their field and help many people on their journey toward health and wellness

Cancellation Policy:

A $100 fee will be applied if a cancellation occurs anytime before or up to 14 days prior to start date of training.

A $300 fee will be applied if a cancellation occurs 13 days or less prior to start date of training.

Please note you may use the credit for any other training or program we offer. Yoga class membership excluded. Credit expires in two years. There will be no cash refunds.

What else is included in this training?

  • Live-Stream Yoga Classes for the duration of your training
  • Schedule a 1-1 meeting when needed to discuss anything at all! We are here to support you every step of the way!


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About Laurie

Hi! I’m Laurie Ahlemann. My goal, since my humble beginnings was to meet each student exactly where they are on their yogic journey. Through trial and error, I was able to create a teaching blueprint that I am able to recreate time and time again that makes sequencing, cueing and theming so easy for new teachers and the students hearing them. This is what I share with you in all of my program offerings.

I am a 500-hour certified yoga teacher with additional certifications in Trauma-Informed Yoga and Yin Yoga. I am also an Adjunct Professor at Hofstra University where I teach Postural Alignment, Injury Prevention, Yoga Philosophy and Meditation Techniques for Stress Reduction.

Click HERE to see my full bio.