Prana Shakti Flow 200 Hour Curriculum

What makes us different?

  • Solid Working Foundation: We offer clear guidelines for sequencing and cueing with an easy to follow format giving new teachers the ability to write and memorize their sequences quickly with the ability to teach an energetically balanced, fun and educational class.
  • We teach our trainees to ‘teach’ not just call out poses.
  • Quality Well-Organized Program: We provide you with a solid foundation to build upon. Some trainings offer quite a bit of variety of yoga styles and subjects that cannot be covered properly in a 200-hour training. Rather than confusion, we offer workable knowledge and show you how to utilize it in class themes, meditation classes and workshops.
  • Rise Above The Competition: Our graduates go on to work in successful studios all through-out Nassau, Suffolk and Queens as well as open their own studios. In addition, during auditions for potential jobs, graduates from Long Island Yoga School beat out the competition every time. If you would be interested in speaking with a past graduate please contact us  to hear how different and beneficial this training is.
  • Coaching: As a new teacher, it is a scary concept to get up in front of a room full of people. The key to doing this successfully is to teach with conviction and hold command of the room. We will offer you proven techniques to not only appear but also feel confident, leading to students having complete confidence in you while they are led through a safe, educational and enlightening experience.
  • Easy to follow format: You will leave this training with a written format and understanding of how to Sequence, Cue, Theme and Assist specifically for a ‘True Open Level Flow’.

What is ‘True Open Level Flow’?

As more and more studios open, there are great opportunities for growth, but along with many studios means condensing class types. There has never been more of a need for teachers who are qualified to teach to a wide variety of levels in the same room. This is what you will learn through LIYS. We specialize in teaching the ‘True Open Level Flow™’, a very specific way of sequencing, cueing and offering modifications that keeps the class moving with fluidity while meeting each student where they are. No one is left behind or feeling the need to play catch up and everyone gets the amount of challenge they crave –  a perfect recipe for very happy students!

The techniques offered in this training were developed over a 10 year period and have been perfected and simplified to offer you an easy to follow format that takes the guesswork out of how to sequence, cue and theme but leaves enough room for your teaching voice and style to shine through.

Our program consists of:

Anatomy Lab:  Yoga Anatomy will be covered in its relationship to the postures. We break down each posture anatomically by pose type leading to a solid understanding of alignment in the body.  This will sharpen the eye to see misalignments in students, offer the ability to create more anatomically intelligent sequences as well as bring more awareness to a personal practice leading to a perfect injury-free environment and a place to explore the practice fully.

Principles not Postures Series: Rather than teach a bunch of cues per pose, we will break down the postures into different categories and teach the principles of each pose type. This results in a much clearer understanding of cueing and assisting while offering a very easy way to remember it all.

Prana Shakti Flow Energetic Sequencing Method™: We will cover anatomical sequencing based on the principles of each pose type bringing awareness to the wisdom of the physical body. In addition, the energetic components of each pose and how to use this knowledge to create energetically balanced sequences will be discussed. Taking into consideration the Anatomical Alignment coupled with the Energetic Components that exist in each pose, will lead to a more balanced mind and body after every class for your students and the ability to sequence safe, fun, and educational classes quickly and easily for you!

Clear Cues:  Say what you mean! Learn the proper way to phrase cues so students will have an easier time following and hearing them. With our method of delivering cues, a student with their eyes closed will be able to follow with ease!

Wired for Success: Our thoughts affect everything we do, or do not do. We all have unconscious patterns that sometimes get in the way of our best efforts to succeed. Throughout this program we will work on rewiring any negative beliefs or self-talk to change the patterns and be wired for success!!!

Philosophy: We will cover two of the classical yoga texts – The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and The Bhagavad Gita. The focus will be on The Eight Limbs of Yoga, The Four Paths of Yoga as taught in the Gita, Gunas, Chakras and Nadis. In addition, we cover the concept of the Yin/Yang philosophy and the Koshas (subtle bodies) which is the heart of the Prana Shakti Flow™ Philosophy.

Meditation: We teach effective ways to lead a meditation to various levels of practitioners and how to make students’ feel comfortable being where they are and getting what they need. We can also help you develop a meditation practice of your own.

Business of Yoga: We discuss how to succeed in the competitive world of teaching yoga – what materials are needed, where to get jobs, how to create jobs, and how to shine and rise above the competition.

Other subjects covered:
Pranayama, Injury Management & Prevention, Karma & Dharma, Samkhya Philosophy, Yin Yoga & Prenatal Yoga

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