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The Art of Teaching Yoga

Every great piece of art has many components that make it a masterpiece; some aspects subtle, some not so subtle.

Beginning with the not so subtle, a great yoga class should consist of safe, clear instruction and teach you something. Perhaps it will be a better understanding of the asana (posture), or the philosophy of heart-on-fireyoga or maybe even something about yourself.

The subtle consists of the energetic qualities of the sequence and the teacher leading the class. You may not know why you like one class or yoga teacher better than another. You just know there is something that resonates.

When a class is energetically balanced the feeling is one of stillness and peacefulness even if just for a fleeting moment and the physical body feels more open and free.

While most Yoga Teacher Trainings are geared toward certifying you to become a Yoga Teacher, it is certainly not the only reason to do it.

Your own yoga practice will evolve not only physically but your understanding of the practice as a whole will be deeper.

A Yoga Teacher Training can be best described as a Journey to Self – beautiful and revealing – Get ready for the ride of your life!

The practice of yoga and sharing the practice of yoga as a Yoga Teacher is one of great rewards – We become our own masterpiece.

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