300 hour yoga teacher training

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

An individualized path to your 300-Hour Certification through our fully custom training.

March 28th - May 4th 2024

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300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Our 300-hour training offers a personalized journey towards certification. Begin your training in our group mentorship setting, and from there, you have the flexibility to select the specific training and education that resonates with you.
With a curriculum focused on the unique sequencing method exclusive to Long Island Yoga School, you’ll delve into advanced sequencing techniques, safe all-levels class instruction, peak pose sequencing, and the anatomical and energetic properties of sequences. Deepen your understanding of advanced theme building. Throughout our program, you’ll also explore hands-on assisting, advanced yoga anatomy, and injury prevention, while following your desired path.
Experience profound growth as you rewrite your inner programming, becoming your own motivator and unleashing your authentic self. Upon completion, you’ll be eligible to register as a RYT500 with the Yoga Alliance.
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What the Program Covers

Mentorship Program foundation building + Custom Path 

Group Mentorship Training

Advance Sequencing poses

Advanced Sequencing: Physical & Philosophical Theme-Based, Peak Pose & Energetic Sequencing utilizing the Long Island Yoga School Sequencing Method – in the making for over 10 years and now offered to you!

Teaching Methodology: Learn a very specific & effective teaching method that will set you apart from the rest! You will learn a very specific format to create sequences that are not only safe and inspiring but easy to remember. No more skipping poses or losing your place in the sequence.

Teaching Practice: You will get feedback on vocal intonation and projection, body language, and overall teaching presence to fine-tune your teaching style.

Anatomy By Pose: The easiest and most effective way to learn and apply anatomy in your classes and personal practice as well as being able to spot even the smallest of misalignments and know how to address them.

Advance Sequencing poses
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theme building poses

Advanced Theme Building

theme building poses
We focus on advanced theme building techniques. You’ll learn an easy-to-follow format for creating creative, fun, and informative themes that enhance your classes. We also teach you how to seamlessly and effortlessly weave in yogic philosophy, enriching your teachings with profound wisdom and insight. Expand your repertoire of engaging and meaningful themes, taking your yoga classes to a whole new level of depth and inspiration.

Customize your Certification

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As the Mentorship Training lays the foundation, you have the flexibility to handpick additional courses based on your interests. For instance, completing our Mindfulness and Kids Yoga training contributes to your certification. Alternatively, you can select programs from external institutions, such as prenatal, yin yoga, or trauma informed yoga, to apply toward your certification. Feel free to inquire about other available programs for incorporation.

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Next Trainigng Date

Mar. 28th - May 4th 2024

We are now accepting new students 🙂

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Cost of Certification

This program offers a personalized certification experience, and the cost will depend on the specific programs selected by each participant.

* The Group Mentorship serves as the core foundation.
Group Mentorship Cost: $1,600