The 6-Point Yoga Fixx



The 6-Point Yoga Fixx

Is your yoga practice causing you more pain than peace?

Learn the 6 Do’s  & the 6 Dont’s  in 6 Weeks For Pain-free, Properly Aligned Postures – Guaranteed

Do you want to know how to align your body in your yoga class and all of life’s activities to be free of chronic aches, pains and re-occuring injuries? Give me 6 weeks and together we will re-write your habitual patterns of movement so you will know exactly how to find proper postural alignment in your yoga classes online and at the studio.

In this age of online yoga classes, it is now more important then ever to be your own well-informed teacher. I will teach you 6 key principles (the Do’s) and the 6 weakest links (the Don’ts) that will alleviate pain in the most common places of injury. No more wrist pain in Downward Facing Dog or back pain in Camel Pose.

My principles are so easy to follow (and remember) that they will literally transform your practice and how you move through life.

Say bye-bye to old movement patterns resulting in pain and discomfort and embrace new muscle memory that will not only create more openness and fluidity in the body but also will enhance your practice – and an added bonus for those who want it – those impossible handstands and arm balances – Well, Now You Will Own Them!


  • PDF Document outlining the 6 principles needed to take your practice to the next level and the 6 weakest links, the most common places for injury, and how knowing them will help you change the muscle memory of old habitual muscular patterns avoiding the creation of new injuries and even begin to maintain and heal existing ones with more mindful movements on the mat and in all aspects of life and movement.
  • 8 Instructional videos of the principles and weakest links of each pose type
  • 5 one on one sessions – We will meet once a week on a 1-hour Zoom call for 5 weeks. Week 1 will be for you to read the PDF document and watch/practice with the videos. The remaining 5 weeks will be for us to put into practice the information on the PDF document and in the videos – Discussion each week will cover a specific pose types and the Physical Practice will put these principles into action
  • Limited Time Bonus – See at bottom of this page
The full value of this is $895 for all of the above options.
Right now- Your price is just $397!

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I know how much you will benefit from this so I wanted to offer this program at a really affordable price AND with a discount. There is a limited amount of student enrollment to be sure everyone gets what they need during our time together so sign up now!

ADDED BONUS: Limited Time Offer -Sign up now and  you will get access to my weekly zoom class for  two months starting as soon as you sign on to the program – live or a link to the recording for FREE. What are you waiting for! Let’s do this!

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