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Our mission is to empower yoga teachers to bring mindfulness and well-being to people of all ages, creating a healthier and more balanced world. We strive to provide high-quality yoga education for all, promoting a positive impact in communities and the transformative benefits of this ancient practice.

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Our Core Values

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We value clear explanations and fostering a deep understanding of yoga by empowering individuals to explore the “why” behind our teachings.
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We are fueled by passion and dedicated to constant growth, ensuring an exceptional experience for our students through continuous self-improvement and innovative teachings.
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We prioritize trust by sharing authentic and honest information, while empowering our students to trust their own abilities on their path to healing and growth.
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We are dedicated to providing exceptional teachings that prioritize mindfulness and wellness, empowering our students to achieve mastery in their craft while enhancing their overall wellbeing.
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We foster an inclusive and welcoming community where individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences feel safe, supported, and valued.

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Meet The Founder Of LIYS

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Laurie Ahlemann

E-RYT® 500, YACEP®

Laurie Ahlemann, with over two decades of yoga practice and teaching experience, is dedicated to making yoga accessible to all. Through her journey as a teacher, she developed a teaching blueprint that proved effective in her students’ practices. Inspired by her success, Laurie founded Long Island Yoga School in 2007, offering comprehensive teacher training. With certifications in various yoga styles, trauma-informed yoga, and extensive anatomy training, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her teachings. Laurie’s passion extends beyond the studio as she also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Hofstra University, sharing the transformative power of yoga with young adults. Her mission is to inspire others through this magical practice and make a positive impact on their lives.
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Our Promise To You

Our utmost dedication lies in empowering you with the education needed to flourish. We strive to explore yogic philosophy in a manner that resonates with our present lives while equipping you with the knowledge to guide students towards a profound inner transformation through physical practice. Developed and refined over a decade, the teaching philosophy of Long Island Yoga School offers a comprehensive understanding, establishing a firm and robust foundation while allowing ample space for you to cultivate your own distinctive teaching style.
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Our Community

300 hour yoga teacher training group

Experience Inclusivity | Support | Growth

Our yoga school embraces diversity, offering a safe and supportive environment for individuals to practice yoga together, while our educational opportunities empower students to deepen their understanding and enhance personal growth through workshops, seminars, and expert-led classes.

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Inclusivity and Diversity
We embrace and celebrate diversity, creating a space where individuals of all backgrounds and experiences can come together to practice yoga and foster a sense of unity and acceptance.
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Supportive Environment
A safe and supportive environment where students are encouraged to explore their yoga practice at their own pace, with personalized guidance and support every step of the way.
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Knowledge and Learning
We offer a wealth of educational opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of their yoga practice, allowing them to continually expand their knowledge.

The inspiration behind our logo

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Guidance & Direction
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Closed Eyes
Inner Experience
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Leaves & Branches
Growth, Renewal & Connection
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The Ebbs & Flows
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Unity & Wholeness

Gratitude for LIYS


Yes! The formats you are given at LIYS take the guesswork out of sequencing, cueing and weaving a theme throughout class making you an exceptional teacher right out of the gate with the ability to teach as if you have been doing it for years. Follow the basic well-rounded format or use it to create your own sequences with ease.

Once all requirements are completed, you will be a certified 200-hour yoga teacher (200CYT) with the ability to teach anywhere you choose. The certification is recognized in all yoga studios, community centers, gyms, and any facility where yoga can be taught. The certification is not limited to the state you took the training in so the sky’s the limit.

In addition, after graduation you can register with the Yoga Alliance if you choose to then become a 200RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher). If you are interested in offering CEU (continuing education units) workshops that would allow others to get credit toward their certification registration, you could also apply to be a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider)

We know how tough it can be to do the things we want to do when it seems most of our time is spent doing what we have to do first. This is why we have made it very easy to fit this training into your schedule by making this a hybrid training. We meet online with a live stream zoom session 2-3 thursday evenings and 2 in-person meetings on a saturday or sunday per month. Can’t make the in-person session one week? We offer the option to take those sessions online too when needed.
Every online and in-person session is recorded so even if you miss a class you won’t fall behind. Just watch the recorded lecture at your convenience to stay on track.
The in-person days are never longer than 7 hours and the online days vary between 2 – 3 hours. Videos, audio tracks, taking and observing classes, reading and writing assignments will all be part of this training and done on your own time. Many have been able to take this training and easily complete all assignments even while working full time and/or taking care of their families. The assignments are laid out in an easy to follow structure so you will be able to complete all assignments in a timely manner and without a lot of stress!
There is no specific skill-set that is needed to take this training. Some basic knowledge of the asana practice is needed but you do not need to be an advanced yoga practitioner to attend this training nor to become a great teacher. You will learn the proper anatomical alignment of all pose types so you will know how to get into the pose safely, know what your body is capable of at this time AND be able to show your students how to practice in a safe way too. Your practice will evolve in the way that your body needs and you will have the knowledge to teach classes that allow students to honor where they are too.

We cover everything needed to be sure you are a qualified, knowledgeable yoga teacher – sequencing, cueing, theming, hands on assisting, teaching methodology, anatomical alignment injury prevention, and yogic philosophy from yogic texts.

But we take it a step further. All of this knowledge will be of little use to you if you cannot get up in front of the room and teach! We make sure you are ready by working with the programming of the mind to be sure that your mindset is dialed in for success.

We keep our class size small so we can personalize each training and meet the needs of all participants.

In addition to offering breathing and meditation practices to help with this mind shift, we also offer coaching on body language and vocal intonation to help you feel even more confident as you teach your students.

You have unlimited access to a 1-1 zoom meeting throughout the duration of the training. Just ask for a meeting and we will schedule time to give you the support you need. You can also submit any questions you may have through email.
You will need to attend all lectures (or watch the recording of the lecture), complete all homework assignments (based on teaching methodology, philosophy and anatomy), take 2 yoga classes a week (included in tuition), observe yoga classes (included in tuition), pass the written final and the practicum.

Yes! You can contact us anytime through email with any questions, advice or just to talk about future goals free of charge for as long as needed! We are happy to help you in any way we can!

In addition you can sign on for our weekly live-stream yoga class for a special LIYS graduate discount. We also offer a group online mentor meeting to ask questions, share ideas with others and offer suggestions.

We also offer an affordable mentorship program to further your studies. This option is offered both as a 1-1 and group mentorship.

Laurie Ahlemann

E-RYT® 500, YACEP®

Hello! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to you. My name is Laurie Ahlemann and I have been practicing and teaching yoga for over two decades. My goal, since my humble beginnings as a new teacher was to teach in a way that was accessible to everyone and to do it in such a way that everyone would get what they needed whether they were a brand-new practitioner or a seasoned one. I did not succeed with this goal immediately, however, I knew that it was possible. Through trial and error, I was able to create a teaching blueprint that I am able to recreate time and time again – and seeing how effective it was in my students’ practices was so inspiring. I knew I had to share it in a bigger way.

My teacher training career started when the director of Nassau Boces, who had been taking my class at LA Fitness in 2005, asked me to train her PE teachers to sequence a 20-minute yoga class for their fitness curriculum. I was given 6-hours to do this. I succeeded. This got me thinking, if I could do that in 6 hours, what could I do with 200?

The idea for Long Island Yoga School was born!

I started the Long Island Yoga School in 2007 and have been training yoga teachers ever since. I was born to teach and I am very lucky to have the gift of taking complex subjects and breaking them down into their simplest form. Yes – even sequencing an awesome, anatomically & energetically balanced yoga class. Yes – even optimal postural alignment in 6 easy to remember steps.

In 2008, I was approached by a studio owner to become partners and have a permanent home for my teacher training. I became co-owner of Bonda Yoga in Great Neck. Bonda Yoga had been a part of the yoga community for 8 years and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have served many people for so long.

Here is a bit about my background & studies so you can get an idea of what is incorporated into my teachings and where it has come from.

I am certified at the 500-hour level in the ISHTA yoga style. I have taken additional certifications in Trauma-Informed Yoga and Yin Yoga. I did an online study program, Bhakti Sashtri, at the Bhaktivedanta College and also studied Raja Yoga Meditation at the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Center.

As far as anatomy training, I studied Anatomy & Philosophy of Breath at The Breathing Project with Leslie Kaminoff and Anatomy Studies for Yoga Teachers (ASYT) with Jason R. Brown in NYC. I have also taken online anatomy courses with David Keil of Yoganatomy.

I am a Reiki Master and Master/Teacher of Magnified Healing.

My most recent addition is Adjunct Professor at Hofstra University where I teach Postural Alignment, Injury Prevention, Yoga Philosophy and Meditation Techniques for Stress Reduction. I am thrilled to be able to share this magical practice with young adults at a very stressful time in their lives. The transformation from beginning to end of the semester is nothing short of remarkable and a testament to this amazing practice of yoga and all the healing it brings.

I am the luckiest lady in the world to be able to teach what I love! I am inspired every day by this practice and would love nothing more than to share it with you!