300 Hour Training Program/Mentorship

Long Island Yoga School 300-Hour Two Part Mentorship/Certification Program

For thousands of years the ancient teachings of yoga were passed down from teacher to individual student forming a relationship between the two that offered support for the students’ inner reflection.

This form of teaching offers an opportunity for the student to explore their own personal spiritual evolution.

When embarking upon any spiritual journey, including Yoga Teacher Training, it is important to remember that we as student are teacher as well and we are in co-inquiry together learning from each other in the exchange of information as we seek transformation.


This is the model that the One on One 300-hour Mentorship/Training is based upon. We offer you a two-part program where the pace is set by you and what works best for your schedule and goals. It is a completely customized program –  One on One and small group lecture meetings are scheduled around your availability and lecture topics geared toward the areas of your interest.

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Outline of our Two-Part Program:

Part I:  Mentorship Program

  • Program must be completed within 12 months
  • 40 hours awarded upon completion of Part I


  • Individual one on one practical class sessions
  • Individual one on one lecture sessions
  • Unlimited Phone/Skype/Email Support (6-months)
  • Independent Study
  • 10 Yoga Classes included in tuition


  • $1200 Paid in Full
  • 4 monthly payments of $325 (Cost = $1300)

Part II: Completion Program

Outline and price options coming soon.

The Prana Shakti Flow 300 Hour Teacher Training Certification Program is for teachers already certified at the 200 hour level. Just like the 200 Hour Program, we will mentor you from beginning to end of the program and after that too!

When completed you will be eligible to register as a RYT500 with the Yoga Alliance.

Our program consists of:

Advanced Techniques in the Prana Shakti Flow Energetic Sequencing Method™

We build upon the format taught in the 200-hour training offering a more intimate look at what makes a sequence work anatomically and energetically. We cover anatomy as it applies to logical sequencing ensuring the body has been properly prepared by targeted warm-ups for the muscles needed for the more challenging poses. We will delve deeper into the energetic components of each pose individually and by type which will enable the students’ mind to relax. A relaxed mind leads to a relaxed body that moves more fluidly giving you as teacher, the opportunity to create challenging sequences that leave your students invigorated, motivated and injury-free.

Advanced Theme Building

We not only offer you numerous physical/philosophical themes that are creative, fun and informative, but we show you how to create themes that are memorable and teach your students complex yogic philosophy in an easy to understand manner with our easy to follow Theme Building Format.

Meditation Theory & Format

We cover the physiological aspects of meditation, Buddhist & Hindi philosophy as it relates to understanding and removing of obstacles while seeking liberation as well as various relaxation & meditation techniques that are simple to follow and teach to students. You will also be offered a specific format to lead successful meditation groups and individual sessions.

The True Open Level Flow

One of the biggest challenges yoga teachers face is how to teach a true open level class. We will focus on how to sequence, cue, theme and assist specifically for an All-Levels Class; one that keeps the more seasoned practitioners challenged while creating an educational, injury-free environment for the newer practitioners. We offer an easy to follow sequencing/cueing format that enables you to teach to students of all levels in the same class, without losing momentum, while giving each student an opportunity for their practices to evolve at a pace suitable for them.

Wired for Success II

Building upon the foundation of positive self-talk and reprogramming of the subconscious mind from the 200-hour foundational course, the work continues to not only keep working at changing the inner program, but now giving the subconscious mind specific directions to accomplish your unique goals. We will work on goal setting and how to accomplish them.

Other subjects covered:

Deeper Understanding of Chakras, Nadis & The Koshas, Study of Classical Yogic Texts, Prana Shakti Flow Philosophy of Teaching, Business & Marketing techniques for a successful yoga career, and Advanced Yoga Anatomy and Injury Prevention.

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My experience at the Long Island Yoga School was a very positive one. I have successfully completed the 300-hour program given by Laurie Ahlemann. Her presentation was excellent and the course was well structured. Thank you Laurie for helping me to improve my personal practice and teaching skills through ‘Prana Shakti Flow’. I would recommend your program to anyone who would like to get a higher education in the Ancient Science of Yoga. – Theresa Rossini, RYT 500

I am so grateful for the amazing 300 Hour Teacher Training program with Laurie Ahlemann at Long Island Yoga School. I have come away with more knowledge, skill and confidence. It seemed like the program was customized to give me exactly what I was hoping for. I have a greater knowledge of the effects of proper sequencing and have the guidelines to create my classes much more efficiently and quickly. Through the guided hands on experience with assisting and adjusting, I feel confident to help my students deepen their practices. I have also deepened my knowledge of yoga philosophy and meditation which benefits my own practice as well as my teaching.  I tried to spend as much time as possible taking, observing and assisting Laurie’s classes since she has an abundance of knowledge that she shares so generously. I still take her classes every week even though I have graduated. The other teachers that Laurie brought to the program were experts in their fields and brought a high level of excellence to their workshops.  I highly recommend this well organized, thorough and exceptional program. – Lauren Petricca RYT 500

It is with heartfelt thanks and gratitude that I express what a great and wonderful experience it was to participate in the 300/500 hour program. The asana labs and sequence lectures were very informative, easy to comprehend, and will continue to be a factor towards my teaching in years to come. – Garcia Simon-Clarke RYT 500