200-Hour Online Teacher Training (old)

cropped-imgres.jpg200 Hour Online Teacher Training Certification Program

Long Island Yoga School now has an online format for our 200-Hour Yoga Certification Program!
Same quality program as our live 1-1 Private Mentorship Training Program but now offered as an additional option from the comfort and convenience of your home.

We have been offering quality mentorship/training programs since 2007. Our online curriculum includes all the modules and lectures as our live trainings so you can be sure you are enrolling in a program that has a long track record of successful trainings under our belt.

Long Island Yoga School is the ONLY one offering Private One on One Mentorship/Training Programs for those who want to become yoga teachers. Being that this is a customized program, you will graduate being the teacher YOU are meant to be –  Unlike any other teacher out there and ready to create your very own tribe of students who will be ready to hear your message and follow your lead toward health and well-being.

Contact Us today for a phone consultation so we can learn about your teaching goals, & share more details about this program so you can fulfill your dream of becoming a yoga teacher! Why not start on this life-changing journey now?

  • No time constraints – online LIVE sessions worked around your schedule
  • Self-paced program – Lectures scheduled at YOUR convenience and availability
  • Portions of program customized for your specific teaching goals
  • Customized home yoga & meditation practice that we will develop together

Highlights of the Prana Shakti Flow™ Certification Online Program:

  •  Easy to follow formats for: Sequencing, Cueing, Creating a Class Theme, Teaching Beginners, Teaching a Safe, Well-Rounded All Levels Class – These formats have taken the guess work out of the most important components of teaching that could take years to figure out on your own. We make teaching easy and you look like a pro that has been teaching for years so you can spend your time fine tuning your voice and teaching style instead.
  • Trauma Informed Teaching Techniques & Language: With these techniques your classes whether online or live, will be a safe environment for ALL students. We don’t know what trauma our students are carrying with them to class. Certain words and pose sequences can trigger a reaction from your student resulting in them not connecting with you or not attending class with you again. You will know how to create an environment that is welcoming and safe.
  • Principles not Postures Lecture Series: You will learn the 6 principles of alignment that results in a safer practice for you and your students, the ability to see misalignments in your students and feel them in your own body, Enhance your practice and your students practice by easily applying these principles to ALL poses and being able to teach proper body mechanics to your students that will be life-changing on and off the mat.
  • Injury Manangement & Prevention: We will cover the 6 weakest links – the most common areas of the body most prone to injury due to overuse, misalignment and poor muscular firing patterns. We offer a very simple format to help you and your students avoid this in practice.
  • Coaching on vocal intonation, body language and techniques to not only appear confident but feel it too!
  • Wired for Success: Our thoughts affect everything we do, or do not do. We all have unconscious patterns that sometimes get in the way of our best efforts to succeed. Throughout this program we will work on rewiring any negative beliefs or self-talk to change the patterns and be wired for success!
  • Leading an All Level Meditation Class: With our meditation class format sheet you will be able to lead a class for beginners and advanced practitioners in the same class and deliver exactly what they both need every time.

In addition we cover Anatomy in relationship with poses, Anatomical & Energetic Sequencing, Pranayama, Business of Yoga, Yoga Philosophy as it applies to life covering two of the classical yoga texts – The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and The Bhagavad Gita.
The focus will be on The Eight Limbs of Yoga, The Four Paths of Yoga as taught in the Gita, Gunas, Chakras and Nadis. In addition, we cover the concept of the Yin/Yang philosophy and the Koshas (subtle bodies) which is the heart of the Prana Shakti Flow™ Philosophy.

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Payment of $500 is needed to hold your spot once you decide to enroll

Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover accepted

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Cancellation Policy:

A $100 fee will be applied if a cancellation occurs anytime before or up to 14 days prior to start date of training.

A $300 fee will be applied if a cancellation occurs 13 days or less prior to start date of training.

Please note you may use the credit for another training ONLY. Credit expires in two years. There will be no cash refunds.

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