Banner_Logo_Long_3_Island_Yoga_SchoolAt Long Island Yoga School we are dedicated to see to it that everyone who signs on to any of our teacher trainings or programs is supported every step of the way. We meet you where you are on your unique journey and path to self-awareness and self-discovery. 

We specialize in customized yoga teacher trainings, mentorships and yoga programs that emphasize a safe learning environment, attention to postural alignment that will literally change the way you practice yoga, teach yoga (if looking to become a teacher or enhance your already existing teaching skills), and how you move through your daily activities.  We have something for everyone! Let us support you on your unique path of evolution. We are always here to help and guide you to the program that is right for you. Contact us anytime!


New Upcoming Program:


Is your yoga practice causing you more pain than peace?

Say goodbye to wrist pain in your downward facing dogs and back pain in camel pose (or any other back bending pose).

Learn the 6 Do’s & the 6 Don’t’s in 6 weeks for pain-free, properly aligned postures – Guaranteed!

This is the ONLY time that this program will be offered as a live streamed experience. It will then be available as an online only course. This is your one change to get customized, one on one time to ask the questions specific to your needs. Click HERE for more information.

Sign up now and receive $50 Off!  (once on the page, click on the pricing tab and you will see the list of options)

Bonus: Sign up NOW and receive free access to my Zoom classes from the day you sign up and through the duration of the program, effective immediately after sign up.

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Private One on One Yoga Training Mentorship

Start whenever you want – Open Enrollment!

Looking for a training program that is completely customized to your availability, goals and learning style? Well, look no further. You have found it! We offer one on one lectures for deeper personal exploration of your teaching and learning goals while also incorporating group lectures to build a like-minded community and new friendships.

Learn easy to follow formats that teach you all the necessary skills for teaching a fabulous class while also giving you the tools to find your unique teaching voice and style. Curious to find out what else is offered?
Click HERE to go to our 200 Hour Training Page

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Customized Yoga Training Mentorship

Our 300 Hour Training results in a 500 Hour Certification for those already certified at the 200 Hour Level. It is a completely customize experience with the pace set by you – One on One Private lecture meetings and small group lectures are scheduled around your availability and lecture topics are geared toward your areas of interest.

Open Enrollment – Start anytime!!!

You will cut your class preparation time in half (or even more) and find (or enhance) your unique teaching voice and style. Advanced sequencing techniques based on a time-tested format will enable you to teach a theme-based class without the need to write it down PLUS remember all of your favorite sequence creations to repeat at a later date.

Click HERE for more information



So, you finished your 200-hour teacher training and are not sure where to start? 

Maybe you are thinking about continuing your education but not sure you are ready to commit to a full 300-hour training?

Why not start with one of our Teacher Mentorship options? We have 1, 2 & 3-month options. Choose the one that best fits your time availability and budget and we will get you on your way to embracing the savvy yoga teacher you always were but now with refined skills and a ton more confidence! 

More info HERE

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Yoga Classes

Join me for my live stream yoga classes on zoom every week. If you can’t make the time the class is offered, simply sign up for class anyway and you will be sent a link to practice the class whenever you can!

Go to my Schedule Page

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“Laurie Ahlemann is a wonderful teacher with an authentic voice and a deep knowledge of yoga. She is honest, open and truly cares about each of her students and trains them to be the best yoga instructors they can be”. – Maureen B

“She creates a very comfortable and nurturing environment for her students to learn” – Megan J.

“The way in which Laurie designed this program using basic, easy to understand sequence formats enabled me to quickly embrace the idea of teaching yoga”. – Maria S

“I am able to plan my sequences much more efficiently with the guidelines that I was given saving me a lot of time and doubt.” – Lauren P

Click HERE to see what else past students are saying about the Long Island Yoga School Teacher Training Program.