Teacher Mentorships (old)

So you finished your 200-Hour Certification and not sure where to start?

If you are feeling uncertain about your teaching voice or how to reach your students on a deeper level, well, look no further!

Sign on for one of our mentorship options to build onto the skills you have already attained while fine-tuning your teaching style.

We have 1-month, 2-month and 3-month options. Choose the one that fits best for your time commitment and budget and I will help you reach every one of your goals. Which ever one you choose, we will work together and get you out there teaching like a pro in no time.

Here is our custom step by step plan:

Step 1: Write up an outline of your goals.

Step 2: Schedule a 1-1 live zoom call with me to discuss your goals.

Step 3: Sign up for one of the options listed below.

Step 4: I create your custom program and we schedule your first meeting.

Your program will be designed as a custom fit for you. Through 1-1 discussions, assignments specific to your goals, and unlimited mentoring through zoom and email you will have all you need to succeed. In addition you will receive instructional videos and audio sent to your email box to work with when we are not together. You will be supported on your unique journey every step of the way and if you follow all the steps laid out for you, You Will Reach Every One Of Your Goals. You have my personal guarantee.

Step 5: You complete this mentorship and go on to be the savvy yoga teacher you always were but now with refined skills and a ton more confidence!

Program Options

Any of our options include a live zoom meeting once a week, customized assignment to bring you closer to your goal and unlimited email support. We will also schedule additional zoom check ins to be sure you are on the right track with assignments.

The link below will bring you to our online store.Once there, click on the Pricing tab to see options.

1-Month Program

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