Anatomy of Asana

The Anatomy of Asana series will concentrate on the alignments of yoga postures by category which not only breaks down the subtler aspects of each pose but also re-enforces sequencing principles by the order in which each section is taught. The details of warm ups and transitional pose alignment will create a foundation that leads to safe transitions throughout the class. Each pose within the Surya Namaskar A and B sequence is worked with individually so that even when moving at a quicker pace proper alignment principles will be present.

In addition each session will invite you to discover the anatomical, kinesthetic and energetic relationships within the body and between the body and breath which are at the heart of a somatic practice. There is an emphasis on direct applications of teaching yoga from an anatomical perspective. We will explore the different qualities and functions of the body systems: (muscle, bone, connective tissue, fluids, breath, organs, endocrine and nervous) through reading, lecture, hands-on-investigation, yoga postures and movement. We will approach the work with a sense of curiosity and play as we find our unique alignment within our asana practice. This material will give us the skills to identify tension patterns in our own practice, in our students’ practice and help prevent strain, pain and injuries.

These sessions will be broken down into areas of posture and anatomical focus as follows:

– Standing Externals/Balance

– Standing Internals/Balance

– Backbends/Core

– Twists/Forward bends/Hip Openers

– Inversions/Arm Balances

This course is presented by Jennie Wilson & Laurie Ahlemann at Bonda Yoga in Great Neck & Bayside


The Anatomy of Asana Series  will break down the components needed for steady, strong and easeful standing and balance postures while also bringing awareness to the similarities of each individual posture. This leads to muscle memory which can then be applied to standing and balance postures not covered in this series.

You will learn how to create more spacious backbends, deeper hip openers in the places that need it most, safe and deep forward bends and more space in the body for twists. Awareness of alignment and all aspects of postures in a personal practice will improve while also offering the tools to not only recognize misalignments quickly but know exactly what needs to be done to correct it in yourself and those you teach.

This module is presented by Laurie Ahlemann and Jennie Wilson. It is offered at Bonda Yoga conveniently located in Great Neck for those living in Nassau County and Queens.