What is Prana Shakti Flow?

 What is Prana Shakti Flow™?

Inner Peace – Outer Strength

Prana Shakti Flow™ is an energetic and alignment- based vinyasa flow practice. One of the physical elements of this flow is a strong focus on – cardiovascular strength, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and a strong emphasis on core integration. The other element of this unique flow is the releasing aspect of Yin Yoga, which lengthens connective tissue and maintains proper range of motion in the joints, resulting in more prana (energy) flowing through the body.

The Prana Shakti Flow Energetic Sequencing Method™ is a very specific and deliberate sequencing method that focuses on the Energetic and Anatomical qualities of the postures. The Prana Shakti Flow™ sequence brings awareness to the wisdom of the body by building upon the principles of each type of posture. Each posture in the sequence builds upon the alignment principles taught in the previous one. As the sequence progresses, the body has already become familiar with the specific movements needed. In addition, the appropriate muscles have been targeted so the body is physically ready to move to another, perhaps more challenging pose. Taking into consideration the Anatomical Alignment coupled with the Energetic Components that exist in each Asana, as well as the subtle energy systems, this style of yoga creates an opportunity for a more balanced mind and body after every class.

Prana Shakti Flow™ vinyasa flow meets each practitioner at their level – beginner, advanced or anywhere in-between and allows one to embrace their own personal experience by bringing deeper awareness to the physical as well as the energetic bodies. Every experience in life is a lesson and an invitation to go inward. The Prana Shakti Flow™ practice creates an environment that encourages growth and self-acceptance along with Inner Peace and Outer Strength that supports us in yoga and life.

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