Yoga & Meditation Class Descriptions

Align Flow Restore

This class offers practitioners of ANY level, with or without injuries, a safe space to practice mindful movements. The emphasis is always on overriding habitual patterns of movement and replacing it with new muscle memory that is more in line with optimal alignment principles. This is the key to avoiding injury or working with existing ones most successfully (and is my specialty!)Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or a seasoned practitioner who wants to master complex poses with precision, accuracy and reap all the benefits that a mindful movement practice can offer, this is the class for you.

It is offered in two ways: Strong and Gentle, (because every day is different and our needs change.) Any level practitioner can take either class depending on what type of class you are in the mood for – more movement with a heated element, choose strong – needing a more passive practice , choose gentle. Both classes will offer slow, alignment-based flows and help restore your nervous system to a place of ease and peacefulness.

Meditation Group
This class will offer a guided meditation based on subjects that support spiritual growth, self-awareness & self-study. Whether you have practiced meditation before or not, everyone will get what they need as the guiding practices are progressive, starting at a place of just awareness of breath & body and then potentially moving deeper from there if that is the practice that works for you that day.  All you need to do is breath. ( :