Yoga & Meditation Class Descriptions

Align & Refine

This is my signature class that utilizes the 6 principles of movement making it a perfect fit no matter what level practitioner – from the very beginner to the seasoned yogi – because you will be moving your body following its natural anatomical make up.

What does this mean for you? You will see dramatic improvement in the execution of the postures, the fluidity of your practice and everyday movements while preventing or working with injuries. I meet you where you are on this journey and gently guide you along to the next step – so you can evolve and grow at a pace that is comfortable for you.

The 6 principles of movement address the common areas that we tend to overuse. Remember that soreness in your lower back? Say bye bye to it and all the other little aches and pains that you probably thought were just a side effect of working hard. This is a misconception and one I would love for you to experience for yourself. Yoga is meant to be a healing practice, not adding more physical or mental stress. The world gives us enough of that sometimes.

In addition, most other classes are only anatomically sequenced which is not a bad thing, but by adding in energetic sequencing as well, instead of just working OUT, you will also be working IN. We move through all the layers of consciousness – the physical, energetic, mental and spiritual so you can release the ‘stuck’ areas and find moksha (freedom) in your movements, thoughts, actions and all other areas of your life.

Strengthen your body, cleanse your mind and soothe your soul with an Align & Refine Yoga Class. ( :

“One of the main reasons I have so much love for yoga and my personal practice, is because of a class I walked into 16 years ago. That class was Laurie’s. She had this way that spoke so clearly to me. I found myself progressing 5x faster than I had in the first 5 years of my practice”. – Kristi M.

“Laurie is an excellent teacher. She clearly explains the positions, offers alternatives if you have restrictions, and has a soothing voice paired with calming music. The experience is both physically and spiritually rewarding. I highly recommend attending.” – Barbara H.

Meditation Group
This class will offer a guided meditation based on subjects that support spiritual growth, self-awareness & self-study. Whether you have practiced meditation before or not, everyone will get what they need as the guiding practices are progressive, starting at a place of just awareness of breath & body and then potentially moving deeper from there if that is the practice that works for you that day.  All you need to do is breath. ( :