Yoga & Meditation Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions:


Gentle Flow/Restorative
This class is the perfect combination of stretching, strengthening and relaxing offering a stress-releasing series of postures designed specifically for women. Each class will also offer philosophy and meditation techniques to support all women on their journeys toward empowerment, self-discovery and spiritual growth.
All level practitioners are welcome as this class is meant for stress relief and feeling good in our bodies. Each class will end with a guided meditation to seal in the practice.

Meditation Group
This class will offer a guided meditation based on subjects that support spiritual growth, self-awareness & self-study. Discussions over tea and snacks included!


Beginner/Intermediate, Foundations and Basics Flow will focus on the alignment principles of all the standard yoga postures that set up the foundation for all the others. What makes this class unique is the way you will learn these yoga postures. Instead of just learning each pose individually, you will learn the principles of each type of pose and understand how to apply these principles in every pose. If you ever wondered why your wrists hurt in downward facing dog or why there is pain in your lower back when doing back bends, then this is the class for you. The knowledge gained in this class will enable you to modify or deepen any posture safely and at the pace that is appropriate for you!
In the Beginner/Intermediate class a slow, detailed flow is introduced.

Align & Flow consists of anatomical and breath-oriented focus in a mindful flowing sequence. Each class focuses on how to properly align the body to create easefulness and strength in the physical postures while creating a safe space for students to move deeper into awareness of movement that will not only enhance a physical yoga practice, but will help in finding properly aligned movements in all areas of life. For the beginning student, a strong foundation of alignment principles will be set while the more advanced student will enhance their understanding of these principles leading to a stronger and more easeful advanced practice. Appropriate for All Level of practitioners.

Yin Yoga is a series of floor poses held for a longer duration of time in order to lengthen the connective tissues of the body. This helps us maintain a healthy range of motion in our joints and allows for the flow of Prana (vital life energy) to move through us. A regular yin practice will sooth the nervous system and bring us back to a state of balance in our bodies and minds. This practice is a great counter to the more active practices especially for athletes or those working through injuries because it brings the body back into optimal alignment. This cooling practice allows for more flexibility and stamina leading to heightened performance of any activity.  Yin yoga is suitable for all levels of students.