Yogi Training Lecture Schedule

Yogi Transformation Training Program

All lectures listed here are held at Long Island Yoga School of Integrative Wellness Practices located in Farmingville, Suffolk County or Yoga Journey, Douglaston Queens

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Meditation Physiology & Philosophy

If you are looking to learn not only the physiological effects of meditation, but how to override the common obstacles to cultivating a regular meditation practice, this is the workshop for you. All the ‘whys and hows’ will be answered. In addition, the layers of the energy body will be covered so you can also understand how moving deeper within ourselves can alleviate stress and tension in the physical body and sooth a busy, worrisome mind.

Energy Locks (Bandhas) & Meditation Techniques

We will cover techniques to become more aware of the prana (vital life energy) that resides in all of us and how you can utilize these techniques to enhance your meditation practice. Various types of meditation techniques will be covered including Apajapa (repetitive breathing for balance), Raja (moving and feeling energy), Visualization techniques  and many others. Your toolbox will be full with many choices for deep relaxation and meditation sessions.

The Eight Limbs of Yoga

One of the most famous yogic texts is The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. We will cover the outline for yoga that Patanjali mapped out for us and make it an attainable practice for all. Discussion will be centered around how these teachings can be applied to your life as you live it right now to help guide you on a path toward discovering your truth and living an authentic life.

Chakras & Energy Channels

 The chakras are a very intricate energy system that incorporates mind, body and spirit. Understanding the chakras and how the energy channels move energy through each chakra and our whole energy body, gives you the roadmap to discovering the deep aspects of yourself and the knowledge and compassion to understand others and where they are at on their own personal journey.  Here we will uncover all the tools needed to heal many physical & emotional aliments, understand where patterns of thinking begins and how to change them to lead a more authentic, peaceful life.

Breathing Techniques (Pranayama)

We will cover specific Pranayama (breathing) techniques for Relaxation, Energizing, Balancing, Heating the body, Cooling the body, deepening meditation and physical yoga practice. You will learn how to breath more efficiently and why it so important to do so.

History of Yoga

Have you ever wondered about yoga roots and how it found its way to the USA? We will cover yoga from its beginnings in India as more of a meditative and ritualist practice to where it is today and have a discussion about where it might be headed in this modern age.

The Four Paths of Yoga

This lecture is based on a yogic text called The Bhagavad Gita and will cover the different paths we can take to open our hearts and minds to live gracefully and gratefully. We will go into detail of the paths that can be taken to lead you on your own personal path to wellness giving you options that can help deepen your experience of self-study.

Meaning of OM

Have you ever wondered what magic exists in chanting OM? Well, here is your chance to find out! We will cover other mantras as well.

Understanding Karma

We will cover how the energy of karma works, how to move through it smoothly and why it is necessary for our growth. Once we understand its purpose, we can utilize it as a teaching tool and learn the lessons with more ease.

Yin/Yang Philosophy and Subtle Energy Bodies (Prana Shakti Flow Philosophy)

The passive & active energies of Yin & Yang exist in everything – including our physical bodies, energy bodies and minds. We will cover the physical sequence of yoga as well as the subtle aspects of the five subtle bodies (Koshas) and how we can utilize this energy to create a personal practice to balanced body & mind.