Yogi Transformation Project

Are you looking for some guidance on your Journey to Self?

The Yogi Transformation 6-Week Online Training Program will offer you a step by step plan to begin. If your goal is to expand your knowledge of the practice and develop skills for your own personal transformation, then the Yogi Transformation Training Program was created with you in mind!

This program includes 1-1 Live Customized Sessions covering Personal Postural Alignment Assessments & Injury Prevention, Meditation techniques and Yoga Philosophy that will help you to overcome negative beliefs and change habitual patterns that keep you ‘stuck’. In addition we will work on goal setting, creating a personalize practice that is custom fit for YOU. Live stream and pre-recorded yoga classes are also included for the duration of program.

If you decide at a later date that you would like to complete a full 200-hour teacher training certification program, all hours and part of the cost can be applied to the training program.

What is included:

  • Intro/Goal Setting Session
  • Meditation Lecture
  • 6 Principles of Alignment with instructional videos
  • 6 Weakest Links to Prevent Injury or Help Heal Existing Ones (or even avoid them all together!)
  • Pre-recorded yoga classes covering specific principles and weakest links for each pose type
  • Philosophy Lectures on the 5 Pranas and Subtle Bodies to Enhance the Yoga and Meditation Practice
  • Create a Customized Routine including Breathing/Meditation Practices and a Sequence That Meets Your Specific Needs

Cost: $997

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